Our digital investment platform gives you access to a curated portfolio of private market products.

  • Invest with confidence in a wide range of private market products using OPUS Invest, our digital platform
  • Make smarter decisions and maximize your returns by leveraging the expertise of our world-class managers and investment strategies
  • Access and manage your investments from anywhere in the world.

OPUS Invest platform


Looking to grow your wealth?

Orpheus Partners strive to present long-term, consistent investment returns by offering diverse asset classes and aiming to avoid market volatility.

We offer a range of private market opportunities designed to help you achieve your financial goals. OPUS Invest is your digital access to those opportunities.

We use cutting-edge secure technology to link you directly with our ideas and the investment managers who provide them.


At Orpheus Partners we help our clients navigate the complex world of private markets with more confidence and ease.

Which is why we created OPUS Invest, our digital investment platform. It enables access to private market products that historically have been limited to institutions and ultra-high net worth investors.

Through OPUS Invest we offer a wide range of private market products, including private equity, venture capital, real estate, infrastructure, private credit, and hedge funds.

OPUS Invest is designed to provide investors with transparency, control, and flexibility in their investment decisions. Investors can monitor their investments, track performance, and access a range of educational resources to help them make more informed investment decisions.