The OPUS Invest digital platform helps qualified investors navigate and participate in the growing world of private markets with confidence and ease.

OPUS Invest provides access for qualified and under served investors to private market products that have historically been limited to institutional investors and family offices.

We democratise access to these opportunities and empower a wider range of qualified investors to diversify their portfolios, reduce volatility and generate better risk-adjusted returns.

OPUS Invest gives investors a user-friendly interface allowing them to access and manage their investments from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, it is designed to provide investors with transparency, control, and flexibility in their investment decisions. Investors can monitor their investments, track performance, and access a range of educational resources to help them make more informed investment decisions.

Overall, OPUS Invest provides investors with a more diverse range of investment options, greater transparency and lower costs compared with traditional channels.

By enabling individuals to access private market products, OPUS Invest seeks to empower a wider range of investors to realise their financial goals.

We charge a transparent fee for our services, based on the size of the investment and type of product.

Our Leadership Team

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